These Beautiful Carpets Scare Me

Luxury carpet as delicate as a soufflé? These four elegant choices may not stand up to pet scratches or shoes. Tread carefully—perhaps in a bedroom with socks only.

Ken lays down his rug rules—including no rugs bisecting walkways and doorways. This week, we’re wondering if YOU have any rug rules, whether about placement, design, material, color and more. Leave your comments below!

If you saved leftover pieces from the original job (and, in the case of a runner, remember the original binding color) it’s possible to restore your stair carpet to its original appearance.

We love the artisan look of serged rugs, but they are delicate. In under a year, the serging on our showroom rug is already coming undone!

Where is your client’s furniture going to be? Thanks to custom size rugs, you can layout your room FIRST, then pick your rug sizes after. Today’s carpets now come in larger 15’ and 16’4” widths, giving you even more creative freedom.

Want to make sure your client loves their new hardwood floor? Start small with a single box of wood. Concerns with color/character variation and plank width need to be resolved BEFORE installation.

Wide-width woven carpets are getting popular, allowing for fewer or even no seams in larger rooms. One problem: They weigh a ton!

Keep in mind: Carpet tile is different than regular carpet! With that said, we love carpet tile for commercial spaces. The patterns and styles have come a long way.

Latex can degrade and ruin the finish on your hardwood floor. Using an additional non-skid pad underneath the rug will offer protection you need.

Stair carpet and area rugs look beautiful with a wide binding. Here’s our warning: Be very wary if your client has pets or expects lots of foot traffic.

To spray or not to spray? For wool carpets and even wool blends (like wool and nylon or wool and polyester) you will get extra stain and soil protection from spraying.

On Ken’s annual visit to Utah’s Little America Hotel, he saw a really bad seam in a recently renovated carpet. Big mistake! For commercial work, beautiful carpets are not always better.

We loved Architectural Digest’s recent article: 13 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes for Designers to Avoid. Ken discusses four important flooring-related points.

When you client’s stairs have turns, there’s no need to limit carpet pattern choice. Our master craftsman Jody Tucker talks about the tricks for nailing the installation—including the need to keep the pattern symmetrical on the inside turn.

What does sisal carpet and Frankenstein’s monster have in common? They’re alive! Don’t let your client’s sisal carpet crawl up the walls or rip out tack strips. Sisal should always be glued to the floor or to a pad for wall-to-wall installations.

Flat woven wool and sisal carpets are a significant investment. Make sure your design clients know how to take care of them properly.

Carpets with a clear linear direction require special thought. Here’s a quick tip for when you don’t want to run the carpet in the same direction through adjacent rooms: oak saddles!

Every detail counts when it comes to these 4 important steps for seaming a woven carpet. Missing the mark on just one of these steps can lead to a failed installation of an expensive product.